Patient Testamonials

This is what you will find here at Dr. Teresa Martinez-Baker Family Chiropractic:

I have had chiropractic care for the past twenty years due to occupational strain on my back. Previously, my treatments were often very shocking to my body, and painful. Since being a patient of Dr. T's for almost a year, I have looked forward to having my adjustments. With the ProAdjuster, my adjustments are extremely gentle, pain free, and effective. Dr. T uses modern technology, along with traditional heat, exercise, and her warm personality to help me regain my mobility and feel proactive in my healcare.

Sincerly, Ginny Rojas

Since I've been going to Dr. Teresa Martinez-Baker my back feels a lot better! I look forward to the treatments - they feel so good and are so relaxing!

- Virginia Morales

I was introduced to Dr. Martinez-Baker when she began assisting my long time chiropractor in Santa Maria. I was so impressed with her threapy and techniques that I continued with her when she began her own business in Lompoc. Yes....I drive from Santa Maria to receive treatments from her. Thank you for your great care!

- Joanne Hopkins

Martinez-Baker Family Chiropractic is exactly what the city of Lompoc needed. What a breath of fresh air. Our entire family is treated by Dr. T. We started receiving adjustments the first week the business started and began to feel better almost immediately. When you walk in for your appointment you are greeted by the very friendly receptionist making you feel that you are a part of the family. As a matter of fact my husband walks in, picks up the remote control, changes the waiting areas T.V. and grabs a quick drink while he waits his turn. You always feel at home. I was recently in a terrible car accident on my way home form Santa Barbara. Thank goodness Dr. T was there to make me feel better and better after each adjusment. In no time I was feeling back to normal. I continue to see her for bi-weekly adjustments and maintenance, which is a must in our busy lifestyles. No need to know any professional medical terminology, she takes care of that part. All you do is point to where it hurts and she know what to do. I have complete and total trust in Dr. T with her magical hands and ProAdjuster. My husband is a frequent golfer and experinces the aches and pains of a golfer. Dr. T has knowledge on what works for my husband and what is going to make him feel better. Keeping my husband away from the golf course due to back pain is not an option and Dr. T makes sure he is always ready for his tee time. Also because of his work schedule my husband also appreciates the flexible appointment options. Along with my husband Dr. T also treats my one and a half year old son. She is very patient and gentle with him and he never seems to mind his mini adjustments. Martinez-Baker family chiropractic is both professional and family feeling and to have both means its a great place to be. We would like to thank Dr. T for all past, present and future adjustments she is going to provide us and hope she sticks around for a very long time. It's exactly what the city of Lompoc needed - a family oriented doctor's office that makes you feel all better. Thanks Dr. T.

- Richard, Elizabeth, Evan Chavez

I started seeing Dr. T in the fall of 2006. I felt immeditate relief with my neck and shoulder pain. Then in the early winter fo 2007 I quite going and just restarted treatment one week ago. After just two adjustments I am feeling good again! I remember past chiropractors I visited and dreaded the cracking of my neck and back, with Dr. T it is always a relaxing experience, and I never dread the visits. I always look forward to her relaxing adjustments.

Sincerly, Theresa Higson

The treatments I receive from Dr. Teresa Martinez-Baker allow me to keep up a very active lifestyle on the ranch. They have also improved my posture riding and performing on horseback. Thank you Dr. T !!!

- Margaret Mang

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